SAP Cloud Identity

What’s our outlook for SAP Cloud Identity?

SAP Cloud Identity platform offers practically unlimited possibilities for managing corporate user identity together with social channel users. It also provides a consistent range of services and tools to help organisations to build highly efficient and scalable cloud applications using user cloud identity across the systems landscapes.



What kind of services for SAP Cloud Identity platform do we provide?

There’s a vast variety of consultancy and administration services we offer for SAP Cloud Identity:

  • User management

    • User management – management and administration of users created in SCI platform together with users privisioned from other identity providers such as Microsoft Active Directory, SAP Netweaver
    • User groups management – creation and management of user groups tailored specifically for our clients, providing optimal access rights together with high security level
    • Administrators management – our aim is to choose and train proper system administrators
    • User import and export – importing user data saved in available formats, editing source files to adjust them to fulfill all requirements of SCI and/or other systems
    • User privisioning to the other systems – automatic users creation, passing information about users properties to connected and co-working systems

  • Application management

    Managing settings of SAP Cloud Identity

    • Terms of use – formulate concise and clear terms of use based on the best patterns 
    • Privacy policy documents – formulate concise and clear privacy policies, based on the best industry standards
    • Password policies – formulate optimal password security policies  for key users and groups based on industry best practices regarding, length, complexity, expiration date
  • Identity providers management

    • Managing coporate Identity Providers – configuring connections between SAP Cloud Identity and other systems providing user identity date; most commonly via SAML 2.0
    • Managing social Identity Providers – profiles and identity configuration and administration based on social media identity providers such as LinkedIn, Google, Facebook, Twitter etc.
  • System monitoring and reporting

    • Reporting – prepare reports based on diagnostic data taken out from SAP Cloud Identity
    • Logs – Audit trail, debugging, tuning and system optimisation based on received logs